Auto Finesse Avalanche Snow Foam

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The Auto Finesse® Avalanche snow foam is infused with Citrus Power to make this foaming pre-wash solution the perfect product through these coming winter months. It loosens and removes road grime prior to contact washing, doing most of the work for you and removes contaminants that may otherwise be swirled around by a wash mitt.


Use the Auto Finesse® Avalanche Snow Foam in conjunction with a pressure washer foam lance for best results, or a pump spray bottle or garden hose foam lance, to loosen and remove traffic film and built-up road grime, prior to contact washing.

Cover the vehicle from top to bottom. Leave to sit for approximately 5 minutes, allowing the product to attack any surface contaminants. After 5 minutes, jet-wash the product from the vehicle thoroughly.

Despite its high cleaning abilities, Avalanche is a car wax-safe cleaner.